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DIY Art Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Looking for Fun and Creative DIY Gift Ideas for your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?

Top Five Fun and Creative Ways to Make a Gift Without Breaking the Bank on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can cause a stressful build up of how much to spend and what to get as the ultimate romantic gift.  Our advice is to forget the stress and go DIY creative this year. Make a heartfelt gift on Valentine’s Day that your partner will remember and love. Sometimes, our time is better spent making a memorable gift rather than just running out and buying one.


  1. Make a Handmade Painted Greeting Card

There are a thousand ways to make a handmade greeting card. But painted greeting cards let you dive into creativity brush first and express your emotions with a palette of vibrant colours. There is nothing more expressive than colors flowing together to express the power of emotion. My advice is to keep it simple with an inexpensive water colour set or acrylic paints as well as a water colour or a pre-made canvas greeting cards and letting the creative juices flow. Try incorporating vibrant bright colours alongside rich blue and green tones for some eye-popping contrast. I find that sponge painting can help to ease some of the stress associated with the painting process by encouraging creative freedom while being somewhat forgiving.  Pick a pattern of dabbing or softly sponging each colour into the next to get a fluid, blended look.


  1. Paint a Pillow

Why not paint a creative pillow for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Canvas pillow cases and inserts can be easily purchased from many crafting stores as well as fabric paint or dyes. To help with the structure of the design, I would suggest picking up a few stencils  or stamps to easily add in a structured design element to the pillow.


  1. Paint a “Love Painting”

Grab a small canvas and an assortment of paint colours from a local craft store and let your imagination do the rest. I would recommend choosing a simple subject such as lovebirds on a wire, etc., and painting from your heart.  It’s true, the idea of painting for your partner sounds stressful to many but don’t despair if your painting is not a Picasso on the first try. It is a better idea to focus on the intent of the painting as well as the process.  I am sure that your partner will be touched by your efforts!


  1. Make Your Own Creative Paper Flowers

Why not make your partner some flowers that will last more than a few days! One of my favourite style of handmade flowers are fairly quick and simple – dyed paper towel flowers on a stick. You can easily wrap the petals together to look like beautiful rainbow colored roses.  Bundle the roses together with a bright ribbon and a love note and your sweetheart will be touched! A Valentine’s Day to be remembered for sure.


  1. Paint with Your Date

Why not lose the fear of creating a gift for your partner and share it instead by making a romantic collaborative painting together!  It’s not really that scary anyways once you get over judging the end product and focus purely on enjoying the bonding time together. You can even turn the process into a mini date night on Valentine’s Day by throwing in some music and drinks.  Just decide on a painting that you would like to collaborate on and create together. It’s also a really fun process to split the painting in half and to have each partner paint a side of the canvas.