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Are you thinking about dropping in to do some freestyle painting at the studio or having us host a painting party, or corporate event? Read some of  the client testimonials below to get a better sense of customer experiences and to know what to expect.

Monica party

"We enjoyed a fantastic paint session guided by Roxane at Fresh Paint
Studio and created beautiful artwork. From beginner to more advanced skill levels, Roxane made us all feel very comfortable while painting and provided meaningful instruction. The studio is beautiful and the coffee was great. A fun, creative and wonderful time was had by all. Can't wait to visit again!"

-Monica M.

Westmount art3
Westmount art therapy1
Westmount art therapy2

"Mental health and wellness belongs to us all. Fresh Paint Studio provided our staff with an opportunity to reflect, get refreshed and create during a creative art therapy session! Many curriculum and classroom connections were made by teaching staff who were excited to implement some learned strategies into their programs right away. It's just the boost that we needed to get through to the end of the year. Thanks Roxane!"

Michelle Lawrence, Principal, Westmount Junior School

"I thought it was a wonderful experience!  I have never done something like that before, so I was appreciative about the opportunity, as I think many of the other teachers were as well. The environment was very inviting... with the refreshments before we started, and the chance and time to mingle, it really relaxed us after the commute there.  Everyone appreciated breakfast, coffee, etc. That set the tone and mood, for what was coming up next.... It was a little scary and intimidating at first, to stare at the blank canvas... but just like everyone in the room was encouraging each other, to be confident, and believe that you can do it...the creative process began... and I think because of the positive vibe and energy in the room that helped everyone a lot. It challenged our thoughts, and everyone's talents really shone through.  The feelings and emotions that the music invoked, and then the sayings and poems that everyone came up with, was just beautiful, even the simple words and sentences, were truly powerful.  And the mix of colours! WOW! ...so pretty! (I did wish though, that we could have used more colours, than just one!)... They all turned out AMAZING!! I would definitely like to do that again, with colleagues, family or friends! THANKS AGAIN for letting us have such an awesome MENTAL HEALTH DAY!!  WE ALL NEEDED IT!"

- Shahana Nasiruddin, Teacher, Westmount JS

"The art workshop was amazing! I was very impressed with the way Roxane transitioned with us from a blank slate and how she used music to inspire poetry to create a work of Art. I admire her creativity and her simple approach; professional, effective, and in no way intimidating. It was certainly refreshing and relaxing.  Thanks for arranging that session.  Much appreciated."

- Jacqueline Samuels - Teacher, Westmount JS

"The Art Therapy workshop was very enjoyable. I liked that we all had an opportunity to listen to music, create a unique piece of art and got to write our own poems. We learned a bit more about our colleagues through this experience and we got to see each other’s hidden talents. The process of creating the art work was enjoyable, but the finished pieces of art were beautiful. The day was thoroughly enjoyable for us as teachers, but it was also a wonderful workshop with great ideas that we can bring back to the classroom. I would recommend this experience to any other teachers looking for a productive way to spend time with colleagues. Thought it was a wonderful way to spend the day!!"

- Sharon Chiovitti, Westmount JS

"We were thrilled with our 2016 end-of-year student arts gala held at Fresh Paint Studio. The gallery is a beautiful space—bright, spacious, and warm—a backdrop that truly made our students’ work shine. From our first meeting to the opening reception to the closing of the show, absolutely everything went smoothly thanks to Roxane’s professionalism and experience. Everyone enjoyed the great food and the easygoing vibe, and we would love Fresh Paint Studio to host our show in the future!"

- Rachel Rosen, Carey Chisholm, and Karin Vollmer,
SOLE Alternative

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