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About Us

Who We Are

Fresh Paint Studio is all about the experience - the experience of creating and appreciating inspiring art.  Fresh Paint Studio is all about creating art fearlessly.

Staff Photo from Art Slam

Fresh Paint Studio provides you with an opportunity to create art and connect through art in a relaxing social environment. We believe that there is an artist inside of all of us and it just needs some encouragement to reveal itself. At our core we are all creative beings and we find solace in the act of creation whether experiencing the creative art of others or creating our own.

Here at the Studio, you will have an opportunity to create a piece of art that you can take home, enjoy a beverage or pastry in our cafe or purchase inspirational art prints, greeting cards and wearable art from our retail store.

Fresh Paint Studio was born from many hours of thought about how to take the art experience to the next level. We believe that there is a need for alternative art spaces that elevate the act of creation and while making it fun, relaxing and rewarding.

We are a team of friendly, professional artists and art lovers who are committed to reconnecting you with the love of creating art.

We believe that the art experience does not have to be confined to galleries, museums and other conventional art spaces.  We believe that at Fresh Paint Studio – the art is experience should be relaxing, social and fun.

More About Fresh Paint Studio

One part chemistry lab for painting and creating. One part café spot with tasty treats. One part lounge with relaxing music, spoken word and other inspiring entertainment. One part retail space with unique artsy items like art prints, wearable art and greeting cards. Blend this all together and you have Fresh Paint Studio.

An artistic experience that satisfies the senses.

What’s in a Name?

Fresh… not previously known or used; new or different; recently created.

Fresh Paint Studio is all about letting you tap into your unknown creativity. It is a space focused on nurturing creative new ideas, nurturing the imagination and giving it a place to breathe. Fresh Paint Studio gives you a chance to open up and let your creativity just be.

Behind the Artist / Owner

My passion for creation – moves beyond my own personal satisfaction in making art – I’m passionate about inspiring others to create. I have worked in schools and with community organizations to facilitate workshops focused on self-expression through art and poetry. It is so rewarding to be a spark or a catalyst to help someone else to open up and share their creative voice.
And so, with my passion to inspire creation - Fresh Paint Studio was born.

Roxane Tracey, visual artist and poet is the owner of Fresh Paint Studio.  Her dream is for Fresh Paint Studio to be a creative community space that inspires a love for creating art while bringing out each person’s inner artist. 

Roxane is the creator of self-entitled ‘Poetic Art’ – a creative fusion of inspirational poetry and vibrant art images. For over 10 years, Roxane has exhibited her Poetic Art and engaged audiences throughout Canada and the US.

Roxane’s work is currently reproduced as vibrant originals, prints, greeting cards, books and wearable art. Her inspirational line of greeting cards and prints are currently distributed throughout the US and Canada and can be found in various gift stores, bookstores and other commercial outlets.  Her original artwork can also be found on the walls of Canadian universities.

When Roxane is not managing Fresh Paint Studio or creating her own art she can be found facilitating art and poetry workshops for groups of youth and adults in local schools and at community centres.  Roxane has facilitated community workshops for youth and women at the YWCA women’s shelter, various women’s groups at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands (including an HIV-positive women’s group), UrbanArts, Moorelands Community Centre, as well as various primary schools and high schools throughout the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).

The inspirational spark that got me where I am…

I am where I am because I could be no other place. A friend once told me that the passages of your life have already been written, you are simply following in the footsteps.  As an artist, I have gathered much of my inspiration from my travels throughout West and East Africa. I am always inspired to create art that has a message of empowerment – especially for girls and women. And last but definitely not least, as the owner of Fresh Paint Studio, I am inspired to bring out the artist in you.

I’m passionate about the art of creating. As a visual artist and poet, I have spent years crafting my thoughts, emotions and inspiration from a blank slate and bringing them to life.  People ask me how long I have been creating and the best answer is – my entire life - creativity is part of me.

I have a love for words and images – and from this passion was born, my ‘self-entitled ‘ style of artwork called Poetic Art – a fusion of inspirational poetry and vibrant artwork.

roxane at studio


Job Description – Fresh Paint Studio + Café – Art Kit Coordinator & Art Assistant

Fresh Paint Studio is seeking a multi-talented, creative and experienced Art Studio Assistant & & Art Kit Coordinator to work in-studio curating and assembling art kits for virtual painting sessions, off-site painting sessions and coordinating materials for in-studio painting sessions for kids and adults.

During the weekdays you will work in the studio and be responsible for managing and fulfilling online orders, art kit orders for virtual and offsite events as well as general coordination for in-studio painting events.

For this reason, you must have excellent attention to detail, be efficient, hardworking and not mind repetitive tasks. The selected candidate will also have knowledge about acrylic painting and have an understanding of which brushes and paint colours that should be used to recreate paintings so that they can make informed decisions about each art kit that they are asked to assemble and also be able to provide assistance to painters while working during hours that we are open to the public.

The selected candidate must be comfortable exploring various art forms and introducing these art forms to customers. The selected candidate will have excellent customer service skills and be able to serve customers from our café making coffee, tea, and pastries, as well as managing painter requests during freestyle painting sessions, assisting with paint parties and paint nights.

The selected candidate must have excellent customer service skills, exercise patience in a teaching setting, be well-organized, reliable, hardworking, punctual and professional. The selected candidate may be required to occasionally instruct art workshops and lead art parties for children and adults.

The selected candidate will also be required to provide support for other art instructors for art workshops, corporate painting events and art parties for children and adults in the form of set-up, clean up, general support and event management. These events will be held in the studio but also at various offsite locations around the GTA.

Additionally, you will assist other staff with maintaining the cleanliness of the studio and also assist with studio organizational tasks.

A laptop will be required for this position which can be brought to the studio for weekly shifts.

This candidate will understand that we are not simply assembling art kit orders or completing tasks, we are fulfilling a human need to be creative, and connect with their friends, family members and co-workers through art.

While working on art kit orders and other studio-related design duties, the intent will be to nurture the successful candidate to take on a more active role in the studio’s creative projects by working together to use that candidate’s creative skill set in order to grow in this role.

The selected candidate will see this role as an opportunity to grow within a small business which prioritizes people first and humanizes the work experience. Fresh Paint Studio is not for those who are simply seeking a job – it is a place where creativity is nurtured and where staff members have a genuine passion about elevating community creativity.



  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Punctual & Hard Working
  • Experience with various art mediums
  • Well-organized


Assets (Nice to Have):

  • Experience with Adobe Suite
  • Photography/Video Skills


Flexible availability including evenings, weekends and daytime hours is required. Weekends are a requirement.

Compensation for the position is $17-$18/hr to commensurate with experience. Hours will fluctuate with a minimum of 20+ hours per week. This is an eight month contract position with the option to renew the contract at the end of the term.

Fresh Paint Studio + Café is an independently owned studio that prioritizes customer service, creativity and community.

Please send a cover letter and CV to info@freshpaintstudio.ca. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

For more information about the studio visit: www.freshpaintstudio.ca