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Creative Corporate Wellness Retreats

A Creative Wellness Experience

Be Creative. Be Well Retreats are creative wellness experiences that focus on the process of creating art and fostering wellness to inspire mental relaxation, boost team innovation and elevate communication skills while increasing productivity.

Our experiences are meant to cleanse the mind for a few hours by immersing team members in a nature-inspired environment that relaxes and recalibrates the mind as a form of creative wellness.

The key benefits of our retreats include: improving team communication and innovation, reducing stress-related illnesses and improving mental health as well as boosting team morale, productivity and team work.

This unique fusion of wellness and creativity is intended to stimulate the senses, calm the mind and stir the creative spirit.

During our retreats one of our mindfulness instructors will guide your team through a session of mindful meditation andmovement to further clear the mind and relax.

Be Creative. Be Well Retreats are meant to recharge your team, elevate their communication skills and increase their productivity.

Stimulating Creative Communication

The retreats are focused on helping team members to tap into their creative comfort zones to help stimulate creative communication in the workplace through reflection and relaxation while embracing diverse ways of information and idea sharing.

The sessions are designed to provide participants with a tool kit to foster creative thinking.

Finally, our retreats focus on creating safe spaces for free-thinking and encourage team members to consider the process of creativity from various perspectives.

Connecting Through Creativity

Be Creative. Be Well Retreats foster connections within teams by embracing and highlighting diverse perspectives of individual creativity. These experiences of diverse individual creativity are shared throughout the sessions.

Venue Experiences

Your team will have the choice of having their Creative Corporate Wellness Retreat either at an urban oasis location in the GTA or at a more rustic rural location that is within 1-2hrs drive from Toronto. Some of these venues include:


Carrot Commons Rooftop Gardens
Toronto, ON


The Barns in Troy, ON
A rural retreat 1hr outside of Toronto


Lansing United Church
North York, ON


Fresh Paint Studio + East Lynn Park Toronto, ON


Creative Corporate Wellness Retreats offer unique creative experiences that will enrich your team.

Why Creativity?

  • Increase team problem solving and productivity
  • Boost team idea generation and innovation
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost team morale
  • Elevate team work and diverse perspectives
  • Gain a competitive advantage


Be Creative. Be Well Retreats focus on wellness from the inside out.

We understand the positive impact that making space for activities focused on mental calm and mindful movement can make.

Why Wellness?

  • When teams are well, stress levels go down and productivity goes up
  • Investing in team wellness is a long-term investment in team performance and engagement

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Benefits to Employers
Increase retention, reduce turnover
Reduce absenteeism rates
Lower employee benefit costs
Improve team well-being
Benefits to Employees
Improve mental health and personal well-being
Reduce stress-related illnesses
Boost employee morale and productivity
Strengthens relationships among employees

Take Away Tool Kits

Be Creative. Be Well experiences also provide team members with take away strategies about how to continue to foster personal wellness beyond the retreat.

Each Be Creative. Be Well experience will feature a take home tool kit that participants can use to continue to beintentional about enhancing their creativity and wellness. These tool kits can be customized for your team by addingadditional creative items to each bag. These tool kits include: a bamboo pen, a recycled paper journal, a set of tool kitactivity cards to prompt and inspire creativity, as well as additional creative materials to encourage creative play.

Tool Kit Cost: $15+HST/Guest

Tool Kits

Creative Wellness Packages

Choose from our creative wellness packages to spend a few hours with us exploring your creative energy. Our creative wellness packages are focused on exploring the natural elements of Fire – reclaiming joy, Water – finding your flow, Air – exhale your creative clarity, and Earth – feeling your roots – as symbols of natural exploration.


Download our Creative Wellness Packages brochure for more information:

Each Creative Corporate Wellness experience is preceded by a 10-15 minute mindful meditation and movement session. Sessions are led by a Mindful Meditation Instructor.

One of Our Mindful Meditation Instructors

Jen Baradi


Jen Baradi
iRest® Certified Meditation Teacher; Registered Yoga Teacher, 400 RYT; Level 2 Reiki Practitioner; M.Ed, MAET, OCT

As an educator, Jen taught internationally for 20 years and first developed an interest in combining Yoga and education while completing postgraduate research on the effects of Yoga on academic achievement. After repatriating back to Toronto, she took time for wellbeing and for deepening her Yoga practice by completing three Yoga teaching certifications and discovering the healing benefits of iRest® (Integrative Restoration®). She has awakened to a path of integrating wellbeing, awareness, and education, and can be found supporting people of all stages of life, to discover, experience, feel presence and ease in their bodies and minds.

Package Inclusions and Pricing Options

Creative Corporate Wellness Packages can be customized to meet your team’s needs. Our packages include a mindful movement and meditation experience, a creative experience as well as an opportunity to enjoy food platters and non-alcoholic beverage offerings. Following the retreat, team members will receive access to a short creative wellness video and will also have the option to upgrade their packages to include take home creative wellness toolkits.


Each package includes a 1-2 hour session that can be done in the morning, early afternoon or during a one-hour ‘Lunch and Learn’ time slot in the day. The creative activity will be guided by Fresh Paint Studio team members and the mindful meditation and movement session will be led by a mindfulness, meditation and movement coach.

*Evening sessions (after 4pm) can also be booked with customized pricing.


Welcome & Refreshments | 20 min.
Element Jar Personalization & Reflection | 10 min.
Mindful Meditation and Movement | 15 min.
Creative Activity | 60 min.
Post Activity Reflection & Wrap Up | 10 min.

Total Session Time: 2 hours


Welcome & Refreshments | 10 min.
Mindful Meditation and Movement | 15 min.
Creative Activity | 30 min.
Post Activity Reflection & Wrap Up | 5 min.

Total Session Time: 1 hour

Full Comprehensive
Creative Wellness Experience


• refreshments
• creativity & mindful meditation session
• post-retreat video with daily creativity & wellness activities

Refreshment Options**
Breakfast (morning sessions):

Assorted Pastries, Muffins, Fruit Platters, Coffee, Tea & Juices, Sparkling Teas and Water

Lunch (mid-day sessions):

Assorted Savory Wraps & Sandwiches, Fruit Platters, Coffee, Tea & Juices

**All dietary restrictions will be accommodated.
**Food options may vary depending on the time of the session.

(for in-studio session at Fresh Paint Studio)

15 - 25 Team Members:
2-hr Session: $1,500+HST - $2,400+HST
1-hr Session: $1,350+HST - $2,100+HST

26 - 30 Team Members:
2-hr Session: $2,350+HST - $2,850+HST
1-hr Session: $2,050+HST - $2,300+HST

Refresh and Recharge
Creative Wellness Experience


• non-alcoholic beverages only
• creativity & mindful meditation session

Refreshment Options**
Breakfast (morning sessions):

Coffee, Tea & Juices, Sparkling Teas and Water

Lunch (mid-day sessions):

Coffee, Tea & Juices

**All dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

(for in-studio session at Fresh Paint Studio)

15 - 25 Team Members:
2-hr Session: $1,150+HST - $1,800+HST
1-hr Session: $1,050+HST - $1,650+HST

26 - 30 Team Members:
2-hr Session: $1,785+HST - $1,995+HST
1-hr Session: $1,600+HST - $1,800+HST

*NOTE: Venue rental fees will apply for events conducted outside of Fresh Paint Studio.
*Contact us for customized packages for teams with more than 30 participants.
*Contact us for customized offsite packages for offsite venues and venues outside of Toronto.

Client Testimonial

"On behalf of my peers, I would like to thank Fresh Paint Studio for hosting the event and guiding us on this beautiful and fun experience that you and your team had prepared. To give in to our emotions that we were feeling that day and unwinding together was truly a great way to bond as a team. We hope that this continues for your team and helps other corporate teams experience the same feeling/experience we had." - Aizel Tibayan, Multiplex

Book Your Creative Wellness Retreat Today!

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