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Family Painting

Some of your best memories will be of the time spent together as a family. What could be more fun than having some creative bonding time together?  You can work together and create a piece that everyone will feel proud of or everyone can do their own creative pieces of art.

Freestyle Family Painting

You can drop in as a family to do freestyle painting. Just give us a call or email us to ensure that a party or workshop is not scheduled and we can reserve your spot.

If you are interested in doing a freestyle family painting session, we also have a 'Paint with your Kids' package for one or one or two children. Contact us for more details.

Instructed Family Painting

Looking for a little guidance to create your collaborative family masterpiece? We also offer instructed family painting sessions with professional visual artists who can guide you step by step through the process.

If you would like to reserve a time and date for a fun family painting session please contact us to book your spot.

Instructed family painting sessions start at $200/family + HST (for up to 4 family members). This pricing includes one 18x24 sized canvas, painting materials and smocks to create a collaborative piece or the cost for 11x14 canvases for individual canvas painting would be $240+HST.

Additional canvas sizes include: 24x36, 30x40, 36x48, etc., are more expensive. Final pricing is based on the selected canvas size as well as the selected activity. 

Smaller canvases can also be connected as panels to form a larger image.

Activities include abstract paint pouring or traditional canvas painting.

If you are interested in having us design a customized family painting session for you and your family, please let us know. Pricing is based on preferred canvas sizes as well as selected materials.