FreeFlow Drop in Painting

 Let it flow, let it flow...

Freeflow art creation sessions are freestyle drop-in art sessions that give you a chance to come in and create a freestyle painting.

Grab your friends or family members, select your canvas size and let your inspiration and imagination guide you. Drop-in painting is a great way for friends to have a fun night out or for family to have some special bonding time.

Drop-in painting is great for both kids and adults. For kids we have a kiddie table for children 2 and up with washable tempera paint, stamps and sponges. Older kids 7 and up can try out easel painting and create with a variety of painting tools.

The good news is that there is no experience required! We have an inspiration station of photos and images to inspire your creativity and our artistic staff can always provide tips to help guide you.

Please give us a quick call or check our event calendar before you drop in as we book a lot of birthdays and weekly events.



Create Art Fearlessly. Without apology. And most importantly, just have fun doing it.

Let's get started!

Step 1

Choose from wood or canvas

Step 2

Choose your canvas or wood size

Step 3

Create from your imagination or be inspired by one of our line drawings

FreeFlow Pricing CANVAS

  •  11x14 – $20.00
  •  16x20 – $25.00
  •  18x24 - $35.00
  •  24x30 - $40.00
  •  24x36 - $50.00
  • Finish Up Fee - Return Session - $10.50

FreeFlow Pricing WOOD

  •  11x14 – $25.00
  • 16x20 – $30.00
  • 18x24 - $40.00
  • 24x30 - $45.00
  • 24x36 - $55.00
  • Finish Up Fee – Return Session - $10.50

Additional Painter Fee – This fee applies if you would like to share a canvas with more than two painters.
An $8.00 charge applies to each additional painter.

Parent & Child Drop-in Painting

kids painting parties

 Moms and Dads can drop in and paint with little ones ages 2-5 years old and get creative with washable paints, stamps and sponges.

We supply all of the materials and you just pay for your canvas. We also offer drop in painting for older children who want to get creative.

Our 8x10 kiddie canvas is $12.50. The next size up is 11x14 which costs $20. We also have a Paint With Your Kids Packages for parents to paint with one or two children. Paint With Your Kids Packages start at $20 for a 16x20 canvas and go up to $30 for an 18x24 canvas.

If the kids are done painting but they are still feeling creative, they can incorporate LEGO or Magic Nuudles into their artwork. Add-ons are $5/package.

One of the best parts is that we clean up the mess!

Please give us a quick call or check our event calendar before you drop in as we book a lot of birthdays and weekly events.


Do you remember those days when you made something and you were so proud to show it off?

At Fresh Paint Studio we give you the opportunity to go home with more than just your finished work of art.

 We can help you create a customized T-shirt with your artwork printed on the front! This way you can wear your art and show off your creativity wherever you go. The cost of a T-shirt is $25. T-shirts can be picked up in 48 hours.



Hey Mom I Made This!

Remember that feeling when you were little when you came home with something you made by pouring your sweat, passion and creative heart into it? You were so proud of your creation. It left you with a feeling of accomplishment.

And at the time, even though you didn’t know it, having the opportunity to create something sparked a release of creative energy. That process of creation – creating art - whether it was a painting or drawing or something else was a priceless moment simply because it gave you a chance to fearlessly share a piece of yourself with the world.

What Happened?

At some point in our adult lives, many of us forget about how good it feels to create art and to release that creative energy. We get busy with life and that little artist that lies dormant inside of all of us gets neglected.

So Release Your Inner Artist!

From time to time we have parties and events booked. Please check our calendar or give us a call before dropping in for some FreeFlow painting.

It's time. It's time to be inspired.
It's time to pick up a paint brush, take a deep breath and release your inner artist.

It's time to create ›

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