Adult Art Kits, Workshops & Courses

At times when we are looking for ways to relax and get creative at home – online workshops and courses are a great way to enjoy the fun process of creating.

Fresh Paint Studio has virtual art courses and workshops that allow us to get creative from the comfort of home. All you will need are the materials listed for each workshop or course and you can follow along with our professional instructors. Our online workshops and courses are interactive, creative and engaging.

Don’t have materials? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just click on the link below to order your materials. Materials can be delivered for an additional shipping cost or they can be picked up from the studio.

So Let’s Get Creative!

Connecting Canvases – Love Birds

Feature Kit - Connecting Canvases Valentines Day Kit

Valentines Day Kits include:

  • - two 11x14 canvases
    - two paint palettes
    - assorted brushes
    - small cut sponges for blending
    - two water containers
    - paper towels
    - assorted paint colours (for two)
    - a pre-recorded video (link to be emailed)
    - two copies of the feature image

Valentine's Day Painting Kit Price: $60+HST ($30/kit+HST)


art journaling3

Art Journaling Kit

This kit is used in our Virtual Art Journaling Workshops.

Art Journaling Kits include:

  • - watercolour set
  • - small sketchbook
  • - flat and round paintbrush
  • - thick and thin black sharpie
  • - small bottle of mod podge
  • - coloured pencils

Art Journaling Kit Price: $30+HST

Paint pouring for kids

Abstract Art Paint Pouring Kit

This kit is used in our Virtual Abstract Art Paint Pouring Workshops.

Paint Pouring Kits include:

  • - an aluminum tray and small plastic sheet
  • - small and large plastic cups for pouring
  • - stir sticks
  • - straws
  • - an 8x10 canvas
  • - premixed pourable paints with pouring medium (four colours that are either a warm palette or cool palette)
  • (or the pouring medium can be provided seperately)
  • - silicone oil for cells
  • - introduction to paint pouring instructions
    - pair of disposable gloves

Paint Pouring Kit Price: $32.00+HST

Watercolour Landscape

Creative Watercolour Kit

This kit is used in our Watercolour Painting Workshops.

Creative Watercolour Kit includes:

  • - watercolour set of 12 pans
  • - assorted watercolour brushes
  • - 15 sheet – 9x12 watercolour pad
  • - watercolour frisket and a rough frisket brush
  • -11x14 masonite board
  • -masking tape strips

Watercolour Kit Price: $39.99+HST


Acrylic Painting Kit

This kit is used in our Acrylic Painting Workshops.

Acrylic Kit includes:

  • - sketching pencil
  • - cut sponges
  • - palette
  • - ruler
  • - 1 eraser
  • - 9x12 acrylic canvas paper pad
  • -11x14 canvas
  • - 6 small bottles of paint
  • - assorted paint brushes (small, medium & large)
  • - paper towel
  • - water cup
  • - disposable smock
  • - 11×14 masonite board
  • - masking tape
  • Acrylic Painting Kit Price: $30.00+HST
leather painting workshop

Leather Painting Kit

This kit is used in our Leather Painting Workshops.

Leather Kit includes:

  • Assorted leather paint colours (red, blue, white, back, yellow)
  • - acrylic paint markers (black and white)
  • - paint palette
  • - scrap pieces of leather
  • - acetone
  • - assorted sized paint brushes
  • - a few small cut up sponges
  • - disposable gloves
  • - cotton balls
  • - q-tips
  • Leather Kit Price: $30.00+HST
Wine Glass Painting

Wine Glass Painting Kit

This kit is used in our Wine Glass Painting.

Wine Glass Painting Kit include:

  • Assorted leather paint colours (red, blue, white, back, yellow)
  • - two wine glasses
  • - an alcohol wet wipe
  • - assorted glass paints
  • - assorted small paint brushes
  • - a small cut sponge
  • - a water container
  • - wine glass painting idea sample images
  • - wine glass baking instructions
  • - paper towel
  • Wine Glass Painting Kit Price: $30.00+HST

Any questions? Please contact us at info@freshpaintstudio.ca or 647-927-0764.

Virtual Workshops & Courses

Click on the featured image or link below to sign up for the Virtual Workshops & Courses.

Just relax, unwind and create! You will be guided step-by-step to complete the featured image.

Just register and you will receive the Zoom link for your creative Virtual Workshop.

Canadiana Watercolour Course – Beginner

Friday, Apr 16
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Beginner Mixed Media Collage – Virtual Course

Tuesday, Apr 20
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Acrylic Painting on Wood – Intermediate Virtual Course

Wednesday, Apr 21
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Virtual Events in Three Easy Steps

1 Get organized and ready to paint

2 Login and join the video stream.

3 Sit back, relax and get ready to paint with our painting instructors.