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An Interactive Painting Adventure

Calling brave explorers of all ages to join a painting adventure like no other…


What is Paint Quest?

Paint Quest is an interactive, one-of-a-kind painting experience where painters work in teams or independently to solve puzzles and conquer mini-games to unlock the steps of the painting and gradually have the final creation revealed.

As painters move through the journey, they will work masterfully and creatively to appease the diabolical QuestMaster.

Questers will team up and or compete against other painters in the quest as they battle to have their paint brushes influence the final design.

How is Paint Quest Unique?

Paint Quest combines the intrigue and fun of gaming with a creative purpose. Mystery, suspense, and intrigue are paramount and therefore, the feature image will remain largely unknown.

At the beginning of the session, questers will be presented with a small glimpse of the full painting that will be created with the QuestMaster during the painting adventure.

Why join the quest? Painters are purely drawn to the thrill of quest as well as the desire to unleash their creativity along the journey. The goal is to complete trivia challenges and mini games in order to successfully conquer the quest and have the painting revealed.

Paint Quest FAQ

Any questions? Please contact us at info@freshpaintstudio.ca or 647-927-0764.