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Corporate Painting & Team Building in our Toronto Studio

Corporate Painting & Team Building in our Toronto Studio

corporate team building in toronto

We do a lot of fun and creative corporate team building sessions at the studio. We watch teams unwind, relax and tap into their inner creativity. There is one common thread that typically runs through every session. The common thread would be general feelings of apprehension around the process of creating art.

There is always a level of skepticism as to whether the paintings will all come together and whether the group has the artistic ability or creativity to paint.

Creating Art Fearlessly

At some point in our youth we stop creating freely without personal or social judgement. At some point there is a departure from creating solely based on the pleasurable act of creating. We become critical of our creative abilities and start to categorize “art” vs. “non-art”.  Our ability to create art fearlessly diminishes or evaporates completely.

When we start off a session, we always ask the group about their experience level and get a sense of the group’s comfort level in creating. We also discuss finding the freedom to enjoy the process of creating and not just the finished product.

Creating a Safe Space to Create

As children, it was much easier to find safe spaces to create. As adults, we feel like we can no longer find these spaces – even when we seek them out.

Intimidation about the act of painting rears its ugly head and we sweep the idea of painting under the rug.

At the studio, we focus on encouragement, and trusting in one’s ability to create fearlessly without apology and in knowing that the there is value in simply picking up a paint brush and bringing a canvas to life.

Everything Unfolds as Inspired Creativity

During each corporate painting session, each team always finds their rhythm of inspiration and in the end everything always comes together. They find themselves connecting as a group and letting go of the fear and peeling away layers uncertainty.

At the end of every corporate painting session fear transforms into pride and there is a real sense of accomplishment in having created their collaborative artwork.

Suddenly, the phone cameras come to life to document the moment of creativity, fun, relaxation and artistic triumph!

The process of painting as a team compels each team member to contribute to the process of creation, it fosters collaboration and builds confidence as each team member works together to develop their collaborative artwork.

Toronto Paint Parties

Doing Things Differently

Our approach to corporate creative team building evolves according to the needs of each team. We have had requests to have team members do abstract portraits, abstract art based on organizational or corporate values, shared canvas sessions and connecting canvases where team members work together to create oversized creations.

Feeling Inspired?

Connect with us to discuss your creative, collaborative painting session – info@freshpaintstudio.ca or 647-927-0764