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Fun things to do in Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s prominent centre’s for arts, culture and entertainment. Here you will find many opportunities to explore the city’s diverse, and artistic creative offerings. Toronto is home to numerous galleries, museums and cultural institutions and offers an unrivalled experience to both locals and travelers. There are ample opportunities for both individuals and families to have an engaging artistic experience – either as the creator or the viewer of various art forms.

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Forms of art that you can enjoy in Toronto

Exploring art is just one of the fun things to do in Toronto. The city has multiple avenues where you can enjoy art in all forms. At Fresh Paint Studio, we have a variety of fun things to do in Toronto and creative events and programs for you, as well as your friends and family.

Some of the studio’s popular programs include:

  • Canvas & Coffee Freestyle Painting – Enjoy a creative night out with family and friends while painting freestyle and sipping coffee. 
  • Freestyle Abstract Paint Pouring – Join us for a paint pouring adventure of pouring paints to create vibrant abstract artwork.
  • Baby Art Workshops – Get messy with your baby while painting with natural paints on canvas
  • Paint Night & Paint Parties – Relax and unwind at one of our creative paint nights or paint parties. You can also enjoy a sip of wine and let your creative juices flow. 

Why choose fun art workshops and other fun things to do in Toronto?

Creating art is not only enjoyable but stress-relieving. You will also have a complete sensory experience while creating a piece of artwork that you can proudly display on your wall.

Art workshops and events are an affordable and unique way to spend a night out. Pricing includes the materials that you will need to get started. You can also feed your creative spirit with a coffee, tea or a treat from our café. 

And don’t worry, beginners are welcome – there is no experience necessary! Just come out, get creative and have fun doing fun things in Toronto

If you are looking for instruction, all of our workshops, paint nights and paint parties are guided step-by-step.

Book your spot today and come create with us!