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The Art Slam


Many of us have heard of poetry slams. A bunch of talented poets come out to ignite the energy in a room with their poetic hearts and minds...

At Fresh Paint Studio we're doing something different...It's called The Art Slam.

For the past three years Fresh Paint Studio has held the ART SLAM.  A creative event that harnesses the incredible energy of local artists and engages a live audience.

We hope to bring the ART SLAM back to you in the near future!











Check out photos from our 2017 Art Slam

The Art Slam...

Rooted in the poetry slam concept brought to life with the vibrant energy of visual art.

The Art Slam is not just your typical way of creating and viewing art.  It transcends traditional ideas that many think of when they imagine how artists create their work – in solitude, and in silence with no accolades and definitely no applause.

The Art Slam is about creating artistic energy. Energy released from artists as their brushes bring their canvases to life. Energy released from the crowd as they cheer on their favorite artist and recognize endless talent as each artist creates their vision.

The Art Slam turns the traditional art experience on its head. It`s about entertainment. It`s about talent and creativity. It`s about experiencing art on another level.

What Happens at The Art Slam?

Eight visual artists. One cheering crowd. Eight artists will be selected to participate in The Art Slam. These selected artists will be given the theme of creation for the night when they arrive. They will then have one hour to create their pieces and express their artistic vision surrounded by a live audience and music being pumped out by the DJ of the night.

When the hour is up, artists will drop their paint brushes and then the slam is on!

Just like a poetry slam, the winner will be selected by the audience based on the energy, enthusiasm and volume of their applause.

Why Do Artists Slam?

It gives artists a chance to share their talents in an unconventional and rewarding way that many artists will never experience. It publicly affirms the creation process and exposes artists to an audience of patrons who will have a new found appreciation for visual artistry.

What Happens to the Art Slam Creations?

At the end of the night, members of the audience can purchase The Art Slam pieces by silent auction starting at a minimum bid determined by each artist.

One of our goals at The Art Slam is to support local charities. A total of 25% of the funds raised during the silent auction will be donated to the selected charity of the evening.