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When you have the courage to

embrace your difference beyond the crowd

you will find true Freedom. 

To view a sample of some of the items for sale at the studio visit

Fresh Paint Studio focuses on letting you do the art but we also have a line of unique artistic items for sale including:

sisterhood wooden greeting card

Greeting Cards

(On Paper and Wood)

wearable art (2)

Wearable Art

Jute Bags, Jackets, & Hoodies

you and me-lower resolution


Art Prints & Original Art

(On Wood, Paper or Fabric)

Fresh Paint Studio Shop also offers:


Art T-Shirts!

Do you remember those days when you made something and you so proud to show it off.

At Fresh Paint Studio we give you the opportunity to go home with more than just your finished work of art.

We can help you create a customized T-shirt with your artwork printed on the front! This way you can wear your art and show off your creativity wherever you go.

The cost of a T-shirt is $25. T-shirts can be picked up in 48 hours.