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Watercolour Course – Seasons – In Studio

Watercolour Course – Seasons – In Studio

Watercolour Course – Seasons – In Studio

Date(s) - 04/04/2022
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Watercolour Course – Seasons – In Studio – Intermediate Level

This is an advanced watercolor course designed to develop a greater skillset for
watercolour properties, textures, and qualities. The intention of this course is to explore a
wide variety of colors from cold and warm to pastel and bright. By using these, we will
discover the four seasons as an overall theme and we will improve our mixing skills.

Each class will focus on a specific season along with containing a specific palette and elements.
We will also work on backgrounds, seasonal objects, and locations using multiple
techniques, shapes, and styles. Finally, we will use a variety of images that will give us
the possibility to create multiple color mixes and shapes.

Course Dates: March 14, March 21, March 28, April 4

Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Before class starts, we highly recommend you have your supplies prepared and ready.

For all of the art classes we will need:

-A cup of water (to wash your brushes)
-A plate or palette for your paint colours
-Your brushes (small, medium, and large)
-Watercolor pencils (black, blue, green, yellow)

-Set of Watercolour pans or tubes
-Smock or Apron
-Some paper towels (to clean your brushes)
-A small sponge
-Watercolor paper – 9×12 (to practice techniques and colours)
-Masonite Board – 11×14 (to support your paper)
-The image we will be working on during class (you can print it or have it on your
-We would also like to recommend that you have a cup of tea or your favorite beverage
and snacks with you!

1st Class: Spring

-For our 1st season, we will work on how to create spring colors mainly using a pastel
palette such as yellow, red, and green. We will use brushes and watercolor pencil for
shapes and background.
-These are the images that we will work on to practice and gain skills:
1) Nested Eggs
2) Blooming Field
3) Potted Plant

2nd Class: Summer

-For our 2nd season, we will work on bright summer colors using watercolor brushes and
pencils to create more detailed images. The summer presents a unique blend of colors
such as pink, purple, and yellow and we will work on combining multiple elements.
-Our images for this class will be:
1) Lavender Bumblebee
2) Coconut Water
3) Beach Houses

3rd Class: Fall

-For the 3rd class, we will work to create more realistic elements with the fall color palette.
We are looking to represent traditional fall colors on a larger scale with examples like
brown, orange, and yellow. We will be working on mixing a lot of color to create our
-The images for the 3rd class will be:
1) Acorns
2) Mushrooms
3) Changing Leaves

4th Class: Winter

-For our final season, we will work on creating using cold colors of grey, blue, white, and
black. This will be a challenging colour palette to use.
1) Mistletoe
2) Winter Moon
3) Night Sky

Course Instructor: Mar Molano

Course begins on March 14 and runs for four weeks

Cost: $125+HST for 4 classes (including all of the supplies you will need for this course).

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