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Virtual Watercolour & Ink Course – Beginner

Virtual Watercolour & Ink Course – Beginner

Virtual Watercolour & Ink Course - Beginner

Date(s) - 04/10/2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Watercolour and Ink Virtual Course – Beginners

This is a mixed media course designed to explore both watercolour and ink properties, textures, and qualities. The intention is to create different backgrounds and explore a more contemporary way to draw and paint fruits, vegetables, and flowers with multiple techniques, shapes, and styles. We will incorporate ink and paint pens to create an interesting style.

Course Instructor: Mar Molano

Course Dates: Monday,  September 27, October 4, October 18, October 25

Course Time: 6:30pm – 8pm


Before class starts, we highly recommend you have your supplies prepared and ready.


For all of the art classes we will need:


-A cup of water (to wash your brushes)

-A plate or palette for your paint colours

-Your brushes (small, medium, and large)

-Black and white ink (white ink is optional and can be made using watercolour and alcohol ink)

-Black and white paint pens

-Smock or Apron

-Some paper towels (to clean your brushes)

-A small sponge

-Watercolor paper (to practice techniques and colours)

-Hardboard Panel (to support your paper)

-The image we will be working on during class (you can print it or have it on your computer)

***A hairdryer is ideal for this course to assist with drying times

-We would also like to recommend that you have a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and snacks with you!


1st Class: Circular Backgrounds and Rocks

-For this class, we will work on how to develop circular shapes and textures with ink and watercolour as a background with flowers. We will use our brushes and paint pens to create our designs.

-These are the images that we will work on to practice and gain skills:

1) Circular Shapes

2) Rocks with Black Flowers

3) Blue Circle


2nd Class: Fruits and Flowers

-For this class, we will incorporate more details by using watercolor brushes, pencils, and ink pens to create more detailed images. We will work on combining all our supplies to enhance the image’s quality.

-Our images for this class will be:

1) Oranges

2) Colourful Flowers

3) Abstract Flowers


3rd Class: Vegetables and Flowers  

-For the 3rd class, we will implement multiple techniques. We will be using a bigger colour palette to work on creating our vegetables and flowers.

-The images for the 3rd class will be:

1) Pink Abstract Flower

2) Hot Chili Peppers

3) Seasonal Vegetables


4th Class: Final Project

-For our final class, we will be working on our final Project which will be the result of all the techniques and experience acquired in the previous classes. There will be a challenging colour palette and images to recreate.

1) Eucalyptus Flower

2) Fruits

3) Seasonal Vegetables #2


Course begins on September 13 and runs for four weeks.

Cost: $95+HST for 4 classes (not including materials)

Cost: $125+HST for 4 classes (including your watercolour painting kit for the course). The last day to request kits is September 11.

Last day for shipping kits is September 9. Please note, shipping charges will apply. Kits can also be picked up from the studio, please contact us to find out our pick up times.


Bookings are closed for this event.