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Paint in the Park

The Paint in the Park Festival

Presented by Fresh Paint Studio + Café

Paint in the Park is a community event hosted by Fresh Paint Studio + Café that is focused on fostering creativity in youth and adults by engaging them in fun and artistic painting activities. Paint in the Park will provide artistic opportunities for babies, tots and caregivers, kids, adults and seniors and enable them to tap into or reenergize their creative spirits.

Paint in the Park Festivals are hosted in local community parks including, Monarch Park,  East Lynn Park, etc., and features  painting/artistic stations for a variety of age groups.

The Paint in the Park Festival will feature the following creative artistic stations/zones:

Station #1: Baby Art Zone: – A creative station for babies and caregivers to paint using veggie and fruit based-paints. Babies will be provided with sponges, brushes and canvases for their painting activity.

Station #2: Kids Zone:  A creative station for kids to do interactive arts-based activities that explore abstract artistic creation, arts and science based activities, and other explorations of creativity.

Station #3: Artistic Adults Zone: This zone will focus on reenergizing the creative spirit of adults who have not painted since their youth. This will be a zone to experiment with a variety of mediums including watercolours, acrylic paint, etc., on canvas.

Station #4: Live Art Zone: The Paint in the Park Festival will also feature live art being created by local artists.

We hope to see you there! Come out and paint with us!

For more information about this year’s Paint in the Park event, contact:

Fresh Paint Studio + Café